FitER Hubbles

A his and her approach to health and fitness

Our Online Fitness

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We have live classes, over 100 recorded workouts, technique videos, 6 week programmes, recipes, mindfulness meditations, yoga, pilates and more!

All in one easy to access place in our private facebook group. All of this is available at just £16/month!

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We believe in self care & positivity.

That exercise and movement is for everybody.

That the mind is as important as your fitness.

And that looking after yourself should come without expectation and judgement.

2 thoughts on “FitER Hubbles

  1. Mandy Edwards says:

    I lost 2 stone in 9 weeks following this programme. I’ve tried every diet in the book but this isn’t a diet you are given the tools to create a healthier happier and fitter you! I would seriously recommend this to anyone wishing to lose weight whilst eating good wholesome foods not a “diet product in sight” no low fat high sugar foods but clean foods that nourishe your body, add to this a weekly exercise plan and 6 daily 4 minute work outs and the results are awesome! What have you got to lose …. except the weight?


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