Every Little Counts

Every little helps. This is the Tesco catch phrase but one that we should apply totally to our views on health and fitness.

All too often if you ask anyone on a diet, going to a gym, doing a fitness class, any member of an online membership site like fitER, anyone who follows fitness pages or reads weight loss books their reasons will be

  • to lose weight
  • to get fitter
  • to get bigger
  • to be stronger

But we forget that for many people the more pressing issue, the total focus and the absolute priority should be for them to feel better!

If we apply this phrase to your health, wellness and fitness what we are really applying it to is your energy levels, your ability fight off infections, your recovery time after illness, your mental health and happiness, your ability to do every day tasks, your stamina when it comes to playing hide and seek in the weirdest of places with the kids for what seems like forever, even to your quality of sleep, not to mention the health benefits associated with losing excess weight, reduced symptoms of illnesses, reducing joint pains, improved mobility, better flexibility, reduced risk of many diseases, better quality of life and so much more!

Every little counts

How much investment do you make now?

You may be someone who exercises 5 days of the week, preps their meals and is everything that many of us wish we maybe were. You may however be in the majority. You want to be healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner, you may want to shed a few pounds, you may want to be able to run or walk for longer. What ever your desire you may want it but find that time is a huge barrier to you. Because time is the barrier you might even feel that there is no point exercising, no point doing a fitness class or joining a gym, no point because there is just no time.

But remember this:

every little counts

If you think that there is no point in investing in your health because you have only a few minutes here and there then it is the same as saying I won’t put anything into the piggy bank because I only have a few pennies. After a few weeks instead of a few pennies you have pounds, after a few months you have many pounds. Every little helps!

Every investment you make in your health is worth it. 

Just like savings, the more you invest the quicker you see results. Health is the same. But that doesn’t mean its not worth investing in even if you can not invest much at a time.

There are many things to consider when we talk about health, wellness and fitness. Its more than just how long you workout its investments in food choices, in social activities that make you happy, make you smile, its getting fresh air and moving your body.

All these little things add up to equal better health, better fitness, better you.

When we don’t do these things all these add up and manifest in various ways.

All the little things that you don’t do add up and manifest into weight gain, illness, depression, exhaustion, disease, lethargy, poor skin and hair, weak nails, pale complexion, sluggish digestion… the list goes on. Of course there are people who do suffer illnesses and diseases, have disabilities and reasons and of course I would not imply otherwise.

However, for many people manifestations are not just the way things are, they are not caused by faulty genes or toxins they are the accumulative result of all the little things you choose not to do. every little counts in improving health, every little counts the other way too!

  • Choosing take away 4 nights a week
  • Choosing not to do any exercise for a week, a month, a year…a decade.
  • Choosing to eat processed foods
  • Choosing to stay in on a beautiful day
  • Choosing not to enjoy social engagements due to confidence and body image issues
  • Choosing not to join the gym that can help you because you fear failure
  • Choosing to ignore the ill health you are experiencing and finding an excuse to explain it away

Falling deeper and deeper into the pits of an unhealthy lifestyle, comforted by the sofa, comforted by junk foods with their addictive powers that make us feel cozy and better. It is a dangerous cycle and a hard cycle to break.

But know this:

every little counts

  • You have 5 minutes spare, then go for a little walk
  • You have 10 minutes spare, make a healthy fruit bowl
  • You have 20 minutes spare, do a workout thats right for you
  • You have a choice on a menu, pick a nutritious meal
  • You have a choice of activities, pick something that gets you moving

You have a choice and you have some time.

Use them both wisely, you are certainly worth that much.

And remember this:

every little counts

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