Natural Weight Loss

We love a weight loss crave, admit it, thats why you have opened this post to check out the next celebrity endorsed, quick fix that promises a flat stomach, to lose 10b in 10 days, to give you the body you dreamed of or maybe even had 20 years ago. Or maybe you wanted to check out the before and after photos and workout if the difference is even the same person (I do that all the time, my favourite one was a girl who had apparently lost about 6 stone except in the first photo she had a mole next to her bellybutton which she apparently lost too, her birthmark had gone and apart from the obvious fake ’28 days later’ claim it was most definitely a different person – the post still had over 100 comments about how amazing she had done and ‘where can I get this pill’).

But anyway, back to it… the next craze!

So here it is… the most amazing, effective and long lasting diet craze that is soon to take the world by storm, the FitER name will be everywhere with the ferocity of this new diet, we have yet to finally give it a quirky name so any ideas would be appreciated of course. You will be shocked, amazed and truly in awe at the brilliant minds behind this new trending topic!

This is so amazing to share this with you now and it is truly a blessing, you will drastically change your health, your life and your very being at this …. hang on! Thats enough!

You have read many articles I am sure that start that way, half way down the page you are just screaming in your head “what is it then”, you think you must be reaching the bottom of the post when suddenly you are sure you have just scrolled back to the top because you think you have just read exactly the same claims and creations as you are reading now. You reach the bottom and then have to pay a monthly fee, you have to sign up to a free trial, you can buy the book or something. And actually, I don’t blame them. If someone is going out of their way to do the scientific research, to construct eating plans, to source and distribute products then too right they should be paid for it. You would never walk into a travel agent and ask for a free holiday, or go to a restaurant and demand the recipe from the chef. And whilst I am not saying for one moment that you should buy these things I do agree that if you want a service then yes you should pay for it. However, what I am also saying is that sometimes these quick fads, latest crazes and quick fixes are nothing more than that, they are not your long term solution, they do not fix the problems you may already have with eating habits, with food choices or even the emotional reasons why you may eat what you do. They will not fix a lifetime of ill-adviced nutrition beliefs mainly generated by the diet industry who do make billions of pounds every year, they will not change your relationship with food or help you to change your lifestyle to become healthier, fitter and better nourished.

So here it is the amazing, mind blowing solution to your weight loss problems.

  • Eat good food!
  • Eat regularly.
  • Nourish your body.
  • Love yourself and if you need extra support and guidance don’t find it in a quick fix get the right support from the right source.

Good food is not processed foods, if it comes wrapped in plastic with a million ingredients you just simply can not pronounce then there is something there that you just don’t want to eat! Now don’t get me started here and now on food storage, processing and even packaging of the simple things in life like fruit and veggies because that is a whole other blog post  but just try and keep things really simple.

Fruits, veggies, fish, meat, nuts, seeds.

Think about it, you wake up in the morning and grab a bowl of cereal, these are the ingredients on a box of honey cornflakes: Maize, brown sugar, peanuts, sugar, dextrose, salt, honey, caramelised sugar syrup, barley malt extract, iron, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12.

Now the last 9 ingredients are fortified vitamins and minerals, that means that they have been added to the cereal. In fact the front of the box has in big writing Fortified with vitamins and iron, it makes this claim as though it is amazing, that this makes it a worthy breakfast. But what if that read “this product is so lacking in nutritional goodness that we have to artificially add some to make it a bit better”. Would you still think it is so great?

Now lets look at the other ingredients.

Maize, well this is simple corn, so the basis is a vegetable, thats good…well until it is highly processed that is! Unfortunately studies have shown that the vitamin and mineral content of grains that are heavily processed is altered during the process from grain to flour and other forms of corn meal used in food production. It is for this reason that food manufacturers then have to fortify the products to return some of the nutritional value.

Then we have…

Brown Sugar


Sugar – haven’t we already had brown sugar?

Dextrose…wait! This is another sugar!

Honey – surely not more sugar!

You got it, another sugar, this time caramelised sugar!

So basically this is cereal, just like the millions of bowls of cereals consumed by children and adults alike every morning is ground up and reformed corn, sugar, sugar, sugar and just a bit more sugar with some fortified vitamins and iron thrown in! Now that sounds delicious.

This is a choice many people make every day, even those watching their waist lines are eating so called diet versions but have you really checked out what is in it?

As a seriously simple thought for better health keep your foods real, keep them simple. If a product has to boast that it is fortified with nutrients then its because it does not have many naturally, you don’t see a sprig of broccoli advertised with:

“Naturally Rich in Vitamins K, C, B6, E, B2, A, B1, B3, Chromium, folate, fibre, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, manganese, choline,  potassium, copper, omega 3, magnesium, protein, zinc, iron, calcium, selenium”

FitER will be tackling the diet industry and educating readers on the benefits of nutrition, how we can nourish the body for optimum health, for longevity and wellness. As our writers come from fitness experts, nutritionists and molecular scientists our posts are rigorously informed, the science is analysed and there will be no magic pills, quick fixes or new crazes, just honest, simple and energising health eating.

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