Top tips for weight loss

Weight loss should be easy right, eat less and move more! But that doesn’t really work, especially when you consider the body as a vessel for life, when you consider the body ad the power station of the brain or even as the only home you have!

When you consider the body as the important vessel it is then when we consider foods and diets we should really think about “nutrient loads”, we should think what nourishment is going into my body to fuel the immune system, to fire up the metabolism, to lubricate the joints and to keep your brain sharp. What fuel and nutrients are helping my body fight diseases and keep me healthy for years to come?

Yet despite the fact that food is nourishment for the body millions of us will feed our body with junk food, with artificial sweeteners, trans fats and a lack of vitamins & minerals. Millions of us will opt for diet pills, quick fixes and diet foods that also fail to nourish the body.

So here are our top tips for weight loss the nutrient loaded way:

1) Food should be colourful, colourful
foods are full of vitamins and minerals needed for good health, a body that is healthy will function better especially in how the body metabolises food. Plus…. If you load you diet with fruits and veggies you will eat less processed foods therefore cutting the unhealthy calories, fats and chemicals!

2) Drink more water! Water is important for many health reasons, it’s important for your skin, for your eyes, for clarity and focus, for maintaining hormones and joints. So just drink more water, if you want flavour add some fresh fruits to it but avoid sugary alternatives that can actually lead to reduced hydration.

3) Cut of fizzy drinks, nothing good comes from a fizzy drink!

4) Cut out or seriously reduce processed foods. Sadly supermarkets have a tiny selection of fresh and natural produce but aisle after aisle of processed, convenience, quick cook, no hassle foods. The problem with this is that these foods are loaded with too much sugar (even the so called healthy alternatives), loaded with trans fats or too many omega 6 fats and not enough omega 3’s, they are so processed that any goodness that was once contained in the food is sadly lost.

5) Exercise. Just do it! The benefits of keeping active will be felt for decades and will make a significant difference in your quality of life now and in the future so however you do it set a time and go for it.
You can workout outside, with a PT, join a club or find a gym. We run bootcamps at FitER and work one to one with clients, we also love energie fitness in Plympton, many of our clients are part of running clubs like the Plymstock road runners or even join a sport club.

6) Balance meals and eat regularly. Missing breakfast, skipping lunch and then grabbing a quick bowl of pasta for tea will have a terrible effect on your metabolic rate, not to mention the impact on your health. So eat regularly, have a good helping of fruit and veg, include some protein and limit the carbs to complex carbs and only a small portion.

7) Think natural, if it’s highly processed , if there are ingredients in there that you can not pronounce then try and cut it out or at least limit your intake. Think about it like this if you buy a sausage that has only 40% pork then what else is in there? If you buy granola but the top 5 ingredients include sugar, fructose, sweetened fruit or even honey then your really buying sugar with oats, if you buy a fruit yoghurt and it has more than fruit and milk as the ingredients then what chemicals are you adding to your body?

Keep your nutrition simple and tasty, buy fresh and eat real foods. The foods you eat are either enhancing you life and preventing disease or they are simply weakening your body and future.

Nutrition has the power to seriously improve your health, reduce symptoms of disease and even prevent future illness.







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