25 tips for weight loss

Weight loss in not about doing one thing, it’s about doing many things, consistently, repeatedly and for the long term.

Do these things often, regularly and consistently for weight loss and health.

1) plan your meals and make from scratch

2) eat regularly, avoid getting crazy hungry where you want to eat anything and everything

3) avoid fast foods, convenience foods and take always, sometimes it’s difficult but limit this to very occasionally

4) drink 2L of water daily

5) water- fast for at least 12 hours once a month

6) eat veggies everyday

7) walk for at least 30 minutes everyday

8) vary your walking speeds, some days walk fast, others walk briskly

9) snack on nuts and seeds, raw veggies and fruit

10) don’t do fizzy drinks

11) avoid artificial sweeteners

12) get 6-8hrs sleep every night

13) breathe deeply and take a moment everyday- set the scene if you need too, I pop on my fragrance diffuser by Made by Zen, lye down and take a few minutes of quiet time to relax and refocus

14) juice ginger, apple and lemon

15) think positively

16) do something about it- weight loss starts with no one else but you

17) if you don’t have motivation to exercise by yourself join a gym

18) if you join a gym but don’t go set a time in your diary for regular trips and make a habit

19) exercise with friends – you will be more successful

20) workout your real reason why! You don’t want to just lose weight you want to lose weight because…. Your knees hurt due to your weight… You can’t walk up the stairs without being breathless…. You lack energy…. You feel sluggish…. Know your why

21) plan to eat foods you like, if you absolutely hate celery don’t plan to eat it!

22) learn about food! If you know why your body needs vitamins and minerals in fruits and veggies your likely to want to eat more of them, equally know what junk food does and you will go right off it!

23) have an emergency stash! Just in case you do miss a meal or can’t get something healthy have a stash ready. I’m pretty fond of Naked Bars

24) keep a diary, you will soon workout if you eat well or not, if you exercise enough or even if you spend too long on the sofa

25) if the food you eat grows from the ground, runs in a field or swims in water then eat it, if it’s made in a lab, has a million ingredients or comes in brightly coloured plastic packaging bin it.

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