Exciting times ahead.

Its been a busy day here at FitER HQ, recipe testing and creating in prep for the FitER Cookbook, nutritional therapy assessments and antioxidant analysis! The demand for the cookbook and personal therapy is so high right now that I am working as quick as I can.

It’s really is such a shame that you have to taste test everything along the way right!

Raw Coffee and Walnut cakesChocolate Orange Loaf

These two recipes went out to clients just a few hours ago and my phone has not stopped pinging since!

So, the FitER brand is building quickly and things are becoming rather exciting at HQ. We have been in talks with local companies in Devon regarding our JuiceTox Boxes (not totally sure of the name yet but a work in progress). It is so fantastic to talk with other business owners so passionate about good quality produce and food and the benefits that it can have. I really look forward to what the next few months will hold. I hope that we will have the first JuiceTox boxes all prepped and trialled before the new year.

There is also excitement building around potential ambassador relationships! Watch this space on that one!

The interest in nutritional therapy and detox programmes is also becoming rather large and its really wonderful getting emails and messages from people daily about what services we offer. Our client base is building nicely and I am excited that our first set of testimonials will soon be ready for sharing.

Having left the rat race it is refreshing everyday to wake up and do the things we love, with the people we love and I just want to say thank you to all our current FitER clients, our biggest loser challengers and our personal training clients for joining us on this part of our journey. Whilst 2015 is not yet over I have great hopes for 2016 and the future of FitER.

S x


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