Coconuts about coconuts

I just love finding little gems of exciting and tasty products and I am totally in love with the products with and you will find a link in our shop.

I love coconut oil, really really love it, and you know its not hard to understand why, not only is it jam packed with healthy fats, boost metabolism and has even been shown to reduce the waist line but recently it became clear to me that not all oils are created equal.

You know when you find a product and it is so cheap you just think, that is too good to be true! Well sometimes it really is that, way too good to be true!

One of my clients was really excited to tell me about her coconut oil that I normally pay around £8 for she had bought for £2.99! And with the many associated health benefits claimed by coconut oil then what a bargain she found.

But this made me think! How could she buy the same product as me for just a fraction of the price!

Absolutely Coconuts about coconuts

As it turns out there is a HUGE difference in the quality of the product not just in taste and flavour but also in the compounds that we derive these health benefits from! 

As with all products the quicker, faster and cheaper a product can be made the more can be made and the cheaper it can be sold, coconut oil it seems is no different. In order to process it quickly one method is to use dried coconut instead of fresh, the dried coconut can also have chemical solvents added to help the extraction process, this is how you get those oils that are deodorised and do not taste of coconut, the extraction is also carried out under high temperatures.

Firstly who wants chemically treated coconut oil but secondly this process of heating removes the amazing benefits of the  fatty acid called Lauric acid which has been shown to be responsible for many of the amazing health benefits we hear about everywhere.

So what to look for!

This is where it gets difficult! The £2.99 jar had a “healthy” looking image, it said that it was organic. There was no indication of it being bleached, refined or deodorised so the only thing to do was by a jar and test it. There was no aroma and certainly no taste.  This is a huge indicator that this was a refined coconut oil.

If you want to buy and use a coconut oil not only because it tastes amazing and is such a varities ingredient to have in the kitchen then look out for a Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil. We love the oils from because not only do we know the source of the oil is sustainable but it is also cold pressed and organic meaning that all that awesome goodness is there. 

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