How full is your bucket?

How full is your bucket is a concept that can significantly affect your successes and failures in all walks of life!

Based on half a decade of research Tim Rath and Donald Clifton created a small and concise book that utilizes a simple bucket and dipper metaphor to explain how our interactions with others can profoundly affect productivity, relationships, health and longevity.

After years of work with those with a weight loss or health focused goal it is clear that our interactions with our selves also has such profound effects as we dip or add to our own personal buckets!

The metaphor is simple, basically every interaction you have can either add to someones emotional bucket of happiness and goodness or you can dip out of it, you can take the good stuff away.

Just think about the relationships you have had today. Have you added some happiness to someones bucket of have you taken a little out?

The children wake up, they want to play. But you are running late, How have your interactions been with your children between them waking and you dropping them to school? How many times did you fill their bucket? Or did you only dip from their bucket?

“Hurry up, we are going to be late”

“Why are you still not dressed?”

“How can you lose your school shoes, you had them on last night”

Maybe you served breakfast and said “hurry up”


“Can I help you with your zip”

“You have done really well to find your shoes this morning”

“I love you”

“have a great day”

Maybe you made breakfast and served it with a kiss.

Think about how your child went to school, did they walk in the school doors with a bucket full and over flowing with love, positive thoughts and encouragement or did they walk in feeling a little stressed, deflated and rushed?

How do you think that their bucket will affect their day at school, their learning, their retention, how will it affect their confidence and self-esteem or their relationships with other people. Maybe it affects their resilience?

What about your interactions with a local business that you use? The bus driver or the guy at the desk of your office? Simple interactions can have a profound affect on someones day.

Think about an time where something that someone else did that was probably unintentional, or even was mis-read or mis-interpreted and consider how that affected you in the moment and throughout the day! Maybe you saw your boss at work and said hello, but your boss ignored you. How did it make you feel? Did it dip your bucket? Chances are your boss may have been preoccupied or distracted and it was an unintentional action but still the affects could be significant.

How does this affect your bucket?

When you fill someone else’s bucket you fill yours a little too, so the more you fill peoples buckets the more your feel good. It’s kind of like giving and receiving good karma. But equally if you dip in someones bucket you will equally dip in your own bucket too!

So let’s now apply this concept to your own health! What about your weight loss?

For those wanting to lose weight we have this absolute skill and need to constantly criticize ourselves, our food our success. This is not productive! How does it help to call yourself a fat cow! How is it beneficial or productive to look in the mirror and gringe at the reflection, how does it help to sin foods that are healthy, how is it helpful to beat ourselves up if we do not lose 1lb or if we maintain our weight?

Each and everytime we do these things, and we all know that at some time or other we have done this, we are dipping our buckets, we are making ourselves feel bad, we destroy our self-esteem and confidence. That does not make anyone happy!

Of course if you are not happy with your physical health or body then absolutely you need to take action to make the necessary changes, join a good gym, try a health living programme like our FitERin6 plan, work with a PT or health coach but equally start filling your bucket!

What I want you to do is identify all of those things you say to ourself that dips from your bucket

“I am fat”

“I’m so ugly”

“They don’t make clothes for fat people like me”

“I’m such a  failure”

What ever you say to yourself, write them down. You will be a little surprised about how often you dip into your bucket.

Once you know what you say you need to make your alternative.

“I am Fat” becomes “I am working to create a healthy, strong body”

“I am a failure” becomes “I will tackle these challenges one by one with strength and focus”

“I can’t” becomes “This is how I will do over come this..”

Start filling your bucket, because you deserve it.

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