We have a variety of services available which can be customised to you needs. Take a look at some of our products below and get in touch, lets talk and find out how we can help you to achieve your goals.



In its most simplistic of forms a nutritional review requires a 7 day diary, your goals and a conversation. This can be in person or over the phone and starts at just £25. You can then boost this service with monthly nutritional guides from £30 or dive in with nutritional coaching.

Just get in touch with us on the form above as start your coaching journey today or take a look at the long term coaching programmes below:


Our Nutritional therapy and weight loss coaching can be done 1-1, online or via phone with our qualified Nutritional therapist and weight loss specialist.

During the coaching we will learn more about your habits, identify key triggers, identify any nutritional deficiencies through symptom analysis and for some a finger prick blood test, this information forges the journey forward.

For some the need is education and empowerment, gaining control and having accountability, being provided with tools and strategies and having someone who will keep track of their efforts and progress.

All our coaching comes with nutritional meal plans designed in a “menu style approach” which allows for a simpler and more manageable approach to healthy eating.

Our basic coaching programme comes with an initial assessment free of charged. Clients are then able to opt for the coaching length necessary:

  • 1 Month £135
  • 2 Month £250
  • 3 Month £365
  • 6 Month £710       (includes complimentary blood analysis worth £270)
  • 12 Months £1380 (includes complimentary blood analysis worth £405)

Break free of FAD DIETS, gain control, supported and meeting your needs, coaching for long term healthy habits, nutritional improvements, meal plans,recipe ideas and more.



change-old-street-sign-bigstWe are so excited to be in the process of launching our 7 Habits of Change programme!

This is an exciting programme completely online designed over a 7 week period. The objective is not quick or faddy weight loss but simply training you to engage and succeed with 7 healthy habits. We will coach you with tools and strategies to achieve these 7 habits so that they become simple, daily actions and part of your lifestyle.

This approach is so fantastic because it does not feel overwhelming like many diets where you change everything all at once.

The gradual and effective changes also mean that you are more likely to stick to them in the long run and therefore helping you to break the YO-YO diet cycle!

Are you excited? I know we are at HQ



Products we recommend for your nutritional wellbeing!


We love the product range from you see not all coconuts are the same! Well, the way the products are processed at least! At absolutely coconuts they have sourced sustainable products that are not overly processed! Did you know that even some of the ‘organic’ coconut oils you can get on the high street are bleached and processed and therefore remove many of the beneficial health properties carried by coconut oil!

Take their coconut oil for example!

Did you know that Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the highest quality oils for cooking, frying, baking and moisturising. Sure there are lots of cheap alternatives around but their is a big difference in quality!

We also love it as a cosmetic product and apply to our skin and hair or as a make-up remover. The oil is solid under 25 degrees Celsius and has a typical, but mild coconut aroma. The Maya Gold Virgin Coconut Oil available from Absolutely Coconuts comes from Sri Lanka and the Philippines and is obtained by centrifuging the fresh and undiluted coconut milk at 8000 rpm to separate solids, liquids and fat. The oil is extracted at room temperature. No heat is applied which is fantastic for preserving those many benefits we all want. The reprod_22695sult is the highest quality raw Virgin coconut Oil you can find!

WOW right!

Big love from the team also goes to their coconut syrup and sugar products which have a much lower GI that other sweeteners so fab, natural sweetening alternatives to nasty artificial sweeteners.

FitER love’s Udo’s Choice!

We really do, these are a fantastic range of products that we use at home everyday and that we recommend to many clients!

To purchase click on the image

Adult microbiotic range for a healthy gut

A daily blend that guarantees seventeen billion viable organisms of beneficial bacteria* that are absolutely essential for proper digestion, strong immune function and over-all health. (*at time of manufacture) The benefits of having a healthy population of beneficial bacteria are also to fight infections, promote other ‘good’ bacteria, while reducing ‘bad’ bacteria and reduce inflammation. To maintain healthy intestinal and oral flora – Take one capsule per day on a full stomach.


The best tasting greens around! High fiber, protein and alkalizing greens to help detoxify, cleanse the system. A daily ritual for sure!

The diet is unbalanced when it lacks the recommended amount of five to nine daily servings of fresh, green foods and consists mainly of processed convenient foods with little nutritional value. Packed with a rich blend of greens from 9 different sources – organic alfalfa, barley, rye and oat grass powders; spirulina; chlorella; broccoli; parsley and kale.  Provides phytonutrients, protein and antioxidants from many seeds and herbs helping to support the functions of inner organs, immune system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, liver, kidneys and pancreas. This highly alkalising green powder will leave you feeling boosted, and reduce lactic acid when training.
A simple way to fill the gap when you can’t get lots of veg in – add to water or juice for a quick pick-me-up.


The Ultimate in oils, this Udo’s blend is a perfect balance of your Omega Oils!

All our cells need protein, water, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3 and 6 to operate at their best. Udo Erasmus highlights the lack of EFAs as one of today’s most important challenges to human health. So get your Oils in!


For heart health, joint health and brain power go Krill!

Krill for Heart, brain, joint health

  • contributes to the normal function of the heart
  • helps maintain healthy blood pressure
  • supports healthy levels of blood triglycerides
  • protects the cardiovascular system
  • maintains the health of the arteries
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function
  • helps to maintain joint health
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision

Keeping the guts of our little one’s healthy is critical, these are a must in our house and a highly recommended product.


For a super microbiotic boost this high blend of healthy bacteria will give your intestines a healthy kick


We love Udo’s Products at FitER and can not recommend them highly enough, many of our recipes have these products added into them for extra nutritional benefits. We are sure you will love them too!