Having joined FitERin6 with the hope of becoming slimmer, healthier & fitter I have been amazed by the results! I have fully committed & ensured I followed the diet & exercise plan with fabulous results!! I have been able to get up early 3 times a week change my eating habits which has changed my previous efforts!! I am leaner , fitter & healthy I feel amazing & have grown in confidence with my fitness. I look forward to my gym sessions & I will continue to improve! I have already signed up for my 3rd FitERin6! Thanks to Chris & Suzanne Hubble you are epic

Belinda England

Absolutely brilliant, fantastic team but boy are they mean!! they somehow managed to motivate me out of my slug like existence!

Gerry Cooper with FitERin6

Excellent programme which I highly recommend. I followed the Online programme and you do have to be committed to do the 3 x weekly workouts at home and the nutrition plan is very easy to follow. Weight and inches lost over the 6 weeks has meant I have now dropped a dress/trouser size 🙂 Great support from Chris and Suzanne throughout.

Karen Pote with FitERin6

Brilliant team, brilliant programme! If you want expert advice and support to achieve your fitness goals alongside a team of friendly and supportive members then this is for you.

Caroline Kearney with FitERin6

Amazing programme that definitely gives you results and makes you feel good about yourself fantastic motivation from Chris and Suzanne and everyone participating they are there for you every step of the way. You feel part of an extended family the support and encouragement you receive is fantastic. The ongoing maintenance is brilliant afterwards in fact the whole programme is one big success and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Kerry Mullard with FitERin6

This programme has changed the way I look at food and has boosted my fitness levels massively. The results are phenomenal and I can’t recommend this programme enough. Tons of support advice and guidance from Chris and Suzanne and the group itself. Go on you know you want to………

Allison Wallace with FitERin6

Fantastic local business who focus on all aspects of health, fitness and wellbeing. Great results from their 6 week programme with exercise and nutrition plans. Highly recommend!

Lesley Thompson with FitERin6

Amazing programme that really works I love the commitment from Chris and Suzanne who only have their members well being at heart. Fantastic local business that focuses on health and nutrition who are never too busy to answer any questions that you may have. I have done their FitERin6 programme 3 times with amazing results and have signed up for the next one. Any level of fitness and any age ladies are welcomed as part of the FitER family I seriously can’t recommend it highly enough.

Mandy Edwards with FitERin6

A fantastic programme designed around the way u look at food and exercise. Excellent support for all and u feel like a u are part of a family. Highly recommended

Sarah Legg with FitERin6

If you want to change your lifestyle, your eating habits and kick start your fitness levels this is this place to be. FitERin6 and the Fit_ER group are first class. Suzanne and Chris will teach you everything you need to know. What are you waiting for …. !

Mel Holocombe with FitERin6